Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back to the grind

Well, it was a fun weekend in Indy, wasn't it? Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and the Racer X staff is all settled back into our normal daily routine of waking up and heading to the office for a 9-5 shift, so there's nothing really worth blogging about.

Well, we could tell you about our bowling scores from last night, but they're really nothing to brag (or blog) about! But we do have some cool events coming up real soon that we'll be covering via blog, so stay tuned for that. As for now, if you want to keep in tune with the sport of motocross and supercross, your best bet is to stay dialed in to

I'm Bad Billy. You stay classy, Indianapolis!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tear Down

Okay, I hear the forklifts firing up, so it's time to tear down and sign off. Wish us luck on our way back to West Virginia.

Racer X hockey game: Night 2

Although we couldn't make it over to the ice rink, Team Canada whipped up on Team USA last night, and even made it in to the double digits. I think I heard it was 11-4. Nonetheless, it seemed like everyone involved had a great time. I never knew this, but Scott Wallenberg actually plays hockey once a week back in Boise, Idaho.

I say next year we have a Racer X bowling tournament, or something like that. Any suggestions?

30 minutes to go...

It's 2:30, and the show is winding down. It closes at 3:00, and then it's a mad rush to tear down, pack up and hit the road. At 3:01 forklifts will be buzzing around and everyone's booths will already be transformed.

Although today is slow, it gives everyone a chance to walk around and talk to people that they may not have seen, because the past two days have been hectic.

Hooper and I went and grabbed lunch at the Italian Trade Commission booth, which Scott Wallenberg told us about. As far as the word searches, Precision Motorcycle Products are in the lead with 10.

Lost in translation. by Dave Brozik

I ventured out again into some of the side rooms which featured some international products. I can’t tell you how many different Asian companies make scooters and four-wheelers.

Check out the Subaru powerplant on this HSUN atv.

Zhejiang Xinyang is a newer ATV company that’s gaining steam in the US.

Dunlop had whoops AND Jeremy at their display. Although the riding style is all Weigandt.

This booth featured the redesigned AbLounger for ‘07.

Rick Smits’ ATV.

Here’s Patrick, Jeremy and the guys from Twin Air.

We had to drive six hours due-west to find our hometown Outlaw Bill Dailey and daughter Alicia.

I know I’m supposed to focus on dirt bike stuff, but these choppers are too cool to pass up.

We also found a new Racer X model. Tia predicts the “overwears” are going to be huge at the Outdoors this year.

Brett Metcalfe

DC and Julie are on their way back to Morgantown this morning, and DC just phoned in to say that he just talked to his buddy Ryan Hughes who said that Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Brett Metcalfe is not going to ride the opening round of the East Coast SX series in Atlanta this coming weekend. Metcalfe has been recovering from an injury and just won't be ready to race. With Team Yamaha's Broc Hepler questionable, the east coast series looks to be wide open!


Grant Langston posing with his stunt double. (John Hanson photo)

Sunday's winner

I forgot to mention that yesterday's word search winner was Bob Ketchum from Spy Optics. Congrats, and good job on the party last night, boys.

The Mondays

Good morning. Well, it's the final day of the trade show, and everyone is counting down the hours. The show ends at 2:00 today, and then we tear down both booths, load up the Ford Econoline and head east.

Today's word search is "motorcycle brands," so I think it should be a bit easier. Paul from Boyesen was the first to go, and he found six, but I doubt his score will stand long. J.H. Leale has already been over and he's pumping himself up for the search.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Possible 30-second board girl?

DC just came by and told us to check out So, go check it out with us!

More from Hanson

Gary McClellan with the Hurricane boot that Bob Hannah helped develop.

They are taking applications for rider sponsorship at www.

The Puma boot

BBR's Duane Brown CRF 150R aluminum perimeter frame kit.

BRP's Eric Miller with the trick CRF150

Twin Air's Jeremy Garges with the Carbon Fiber subframe and air box

Throttle Jockey heading north...

I was eavesdropping on the Matthes/Davis conversation in front of our booth and I learned that Throttle Jockey has signed on as the official graphics company of the Blackfoot Yamaha team in Canada. Eh!

Advice from Rob Buydos...

If you ever have the shakes and you're not feeling well, Rob Buydos says to strip the duds! Thanks, Rob. You're a bad dude!

More Trade Show Photos

After some technical problems the first day, Racer X designer Jason Hooper was able to get his photos uploaded. Check them out!

Jessica Maine

A very cute, petite blonde just came by and dropped us off one of her cards. She's a professional stunt bike rider named Jessica Maine. Check out her website at


DC just came back and uploaded some photos from earlier today at the Smooth Industries display. Take a look at some of the products they offer. From pillows and pajamas to backpacks, puzzles and even dishware, Smooth has it all. How lucky are kids these days? When I was a kid I was lucky if I could find a sticker with a dirt bike on it, and now you have all of these choices to show your love for the sport. Check them out online at

Free Ad

Every year at this show, we here at Racer X try and create a fun game that all of our advertisers can play each day to try and win a free full-page ad in a magazine of their choice (Racer X or Road Racer X.)

A couple years ago it was the battery-operated start bars which calculates your reaction time. Whoever had the fastest reaction time each day won a free ad.

Last year it was a dart board. Whomever tallied the most points throwing darts each day won the ad.

This year we went with the classic word search. We made three different word searches (a different one for each day) and whoever finds the most words in 60 seconds wins a free ad.

Each search has a total of 20 hidden words, and yesterday's topic was motorcycle hard parts. Sam and Chris Smith from Lang Originals were the big winners, as they found eight words to win the free ad on Saturday. Good work, guys.

Today's word search topic is champions, so if any advertisers are reading this, look for words like Carmichael, Stewart, Rossi, Evert, Cairoli, Henry and Schwantz.

Now I'm curious of what everyone thinks of these contests? Do you think they're cool and fun? And do you have any suggestions?

Hooper and I were thinking of how we could incorporate Texas Hold 'em into a contest ,but we couldn't figure it out.

Okay, I gotta get back to running the stopwatch.

Ren Dawg

FMXer Ronnie Renner stopped by the booth to say hi on his way over to the Ogio booth this morning. I guess he's signing autographs over there today. If you read Racerhead on Friday, you probably noticed the picture we ran of Renner from down in Australia. Well, here it is again. That was from Thursday, and he flew all day Friday to get here for the trade show. That guy is super loyal to all of his sponsors. Check out his website at

World's Fastest Motorcycle

Right across the aisle from our booth is a big, red motorcycle. I really didn't pay much attention to it yesterday, but this morning, while enjoying a delicious breakfast croissant, I actually read the sign that said "World's Fastest Motorcycle." It was piloted by Chris Carr, who is a former pro dirt tracker, so that's pretty cool. Oh, I see Chris right now. I'm going to go get his autograph....

Some Words From CJ...

Kevin Schwantz hasn't raced GPs in years, but he's still one of the most popular racers around, which is clear from one look at any of his autograph lines. Schwantz helps Suzuki out with various projects, including coaching reigning AMA Superbike champ and fellow Texas Ben Spies and attending official press launches, like the one Suzuki recently held for the GSX-R1000 in Phillip Island a couple weeks ago. With assistance from the lovely Marnie Lincoln (pictured here), he also continues to put on his Kevin Schwantz Suzuki Schools. Spies is here as well, but he's so fast we didn't get a photo of him.

One of the coolest things at yesterday's show wasn't actually at the show--it was next door at the Westin hotel, and it was based around racing legend, movie star, and all-around great guy Malcolm Smith. Smith is featured in the newest addition to Dunlop's incredibly cool "Legends" advertising campaign, which uses photos of old-school heroes to raises money for the Clayton Memorial Foundation (over $44,000 in the past two years). The poster features a shot of Malcolm at warp speed in the '71 Baja 1000, and it's a guaranteed instant classic. Smith showed up on crutches, having broken his hip last weekend in a dirt bike crash, but that didn't stop him from grabbing the mic and regaling those present with some bench-racing tales. Ken Vreeke put it best in his speech: "As Bruce Brown himself might have said, 'Typical Malcolm.'" Vreeke quipped.

No matter how cool your boss is, it's extremely unlikely that he doesn't top that of road racer Aaron Yates. The Georgian rides for Jordan Suzuki, and yes, that Jordan comes from the surname of His Royal Airness. After many years in the shadow of Mat Mladin at Yoshimura Suzuki, Yates is happy to be the focus of this strong satellite team. He was in the Teknic booth yesterday trying on some new gloves from his apparel sponsor, and he took time to pose with a set of his leathers from last year.

Most people associate AGV helmets with Valentino Rossi, but the Italian company has been around for a long time, and has also been associated with legends like Kenny Roberts, Barry Sheene, and Randy Mamola, as they reminded customers with this mini museum in their booth. The display also featured AGV's original lid (the one on the bottom) shelf, proving that they go back to well before The Doctor.

Indy is the biggest motorcycle show in the U.S., but it's not the biggest one in the world. That honor goes to the annual Milan show, and the Italians are on hand here, including EICMA General Manager Constantino Ruggiero, shown here making a speech during a dinner last night at St. Elmo's. In typical Italian fashion, the dinner was incredibly good and incredibly long, and Ruggiero took the opportunity to give the lowdown on next year's show, which will take place in November. Last year's show was a huge success despite having to compete with a big show in Germany, and since that show is taking a year off in '07, Milan promises to be the biggest motorcycle show ever. Mark your calendars, and if you're an American company looking to reach an international market, this is the place to be an exhibitor.