Saturday, February 16, 2008

Morning Relief

Davey swears by Alka Seltzer Morning Relief, and I'm now a believer. Whoever invented that stuff needs some kind of award. For all of you who may tip back a few too many tonight - get to the drugstore now. You will be thanking me tomorrow.

Our drive from Morgantown was pretty uneventful but we got here just in time to meet some old friends at the Canterbury hotel. We had a pretty epic bench racing session with some key players: Eric Perronard, Fred Bramblett, Andy Leisner, Jeff Nash, Nick McCabe, John Farris... And even our own Chris Jonnum was there (back from Katmandu)! It was a great start to a long weekend.

Did you guys watch the trade show survival video? I have probably seen it 30 times now and still laugh every time. I think I'm going to follow Emig's advice tonight and set my alarm for when it's time to go to bed.

I've been trying to write this for three hours and the words just aren't flowing. I'll be back tomorrow with a real update. We have the Dogger here right now picking the numbers for our Supercross pick board, so if you're one of the advertisers with your name on here, come back and see where you are!

If you're looking for something to do tonight, come over to the PanAm Arena and check out the hockey game. Free Corona beer!

Be sure to stop by to see me tomorrow (booth 1340) and play our photo search game.

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