Tuesday, March 6, 2007

CJ Checks In

Hi guys. I flew into Orlando last night from Gay Paree, and
as we were landing, the plane flew right over Daytona. I don't have much to say, but I thought I'd throw a photo of that up here and tell everyone that Laurel and I will also be posting stuff from the road race side of things. (We'll try, anyway; we've also got a magazine deadline two days after the 200, so we'll be pretty slammed.) Anyway, after a good night's sleep in Orlando, I enjoyed the Sleep Inn's free Continental breakfast with a bunch of families with screaming kids, amped up to be going to Disneyworld, but the drive northeast to Daytona served as a reminder that I was definitely here on the right week, as I was sharing the road with a long train of bikers (made me feel kind of silly to be piloting a Toyota Highlander). Even without GPS, I managed to find the new credential-pick-up location, where Chris Carter hooked me up despite what must have been a bewildering succession of faxes from the Racer X headquarters over the past couple of weeks, as our plans were changing right up until the last minute. Then I checked into the Holiday Inn Express, picked up the many boxes of magazines that we had shipped here, and walked next door for lunch and a brew at the Ale House (just to get the week started off right).

Be sure to keep checking back here for more, and if you're in Daytona this weekend, stop by the Racer X/Road Racer X booth, which is outside the stadium, right next to our friends at Ducati North America.

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