Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Morgantona (con't.)

I'm late with this post, 'cause "work" got in the way this morning. This is a continuation of our Morgantona diary. Florida doesn't have all the fun this week. Here are some shots from our bowling league night. This is week 7 of 10. Racer X has 3 teams out of the 16. As you can see, actual bowling is secondary during the course of the evening. Enjoy.

Alisa (Weege's GF, but we just call her Weegette) does the victory "waitress" dance.Amanda (Bowyer's GF) does the pistol dance.
Reyna celebrates with the Shake n' Bake.Mrs. Farber to be, Jules, temporarily poses as my Pit Tootsie.

RXI team 1's "A" Game.
Farber and his pre-strike celebration.Farber and his post-strike celebration.
Fleming thought he was at the WVU football game all night.

Hooper guards the man-purses.

Billy and GF Kara take a breather from laughing at Farber.
Bowyer and Amanda swap bowling tips.
Davey finds "Pinky" right where he left her last week. RXI in post-bowling celebration. That's Fleming throwing the "Mountain-Eers."


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are TFS quality.

Brozik925 said...

Thanks, A. I'm using a 2005, Sony Cybershot DSC-T5 pocketcam, set to "Automatic". The stellar quality is the result of a drunken chick spilling her beer on it during the 2006 Superbowl. BTW, the Steelers were victorious.

Thanks for viewing.

every thing below the naval said...

Didn't Napoleon Dynamite go bowling? No it was Munson, uhhh, Lloyd Munson, no, Roy Munson, the greatest bowler of all time! Too many pins and not enough beer. Must go now, time to drink. Big Lebowski was another good bowling movie. Did I really say that? Good Bowling Movie? I really better get back to the bar, I'm not making good sense.