Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Triton GNCC Bike Practice

Monday here in Vero Beach was actually pretty relaxing. The GNCC series is on a slightly different schedule than normal because of the weeklong festivities of bike week. Monday was opened up for the bikes to ride practice. The ranch here is massive, something like 5,000 acres, so the riders still haven’t seen the actual race course. When we headed out to the track the skies were a yellowish gray, ash fluttered around in the air and the smell of burning lingered in the distances. Evidentially there were some forest fires within the area. Rain came threw Florida but went north of Vero leaving the area pretty dry. As the afternoon went on the haze blew out of the area the fires have seemingly been extinguished.
Even pro practice for the day was mellow. Riders were turned loose to ride the practice course as they pleased. As the session went on the Florida sand whoops got deeper and deeper. I personally haven’t been to a ton of cross country races but seeing these guys dodge trees and hammer through those sand whoops definitely was impressive. After the session I headed back to the hotel to work on this little preview of what’s to come Tuesday as racing kicks off. We got to sit down and talk to series newcomer and off road mad man David Knight for a minute as well so check that out.
While I was working on the video Weege and the rest of the GNNC crew were diving into the Parts Unlimited spaghetti dinner and then having fun with one of Rob Buydos mini-bike races. Tuesday morning we’re off to catch the final day of this Can-Am GNCC opener. Check back for details later.

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every thing below the naval said...

Sand whoops in Florida? No problems, they are like getting gummed to death by a ginormus greeter from Wal Mart. Now the Palmetto Roots really leave a mark, as big around as the hole in your toilet seat and not a straight vein in them. They move too! Like giant worms on a week of Percocets! Uggggg. The blook letting vines are trecherous too, I've spilled a lot of blood in Florida, burnt a lot of skin too, use sun screen and Vine Off.
Also, for those less encumbered with education, it's Whoops, not Hoops, Whoops are for bikes, Hoops are for basketed balls and really tall guys like Ping.
More eventually
El C