Monday, March 12, 2007

Morgantona SX

Friday night Davey invited us to his house to watch the Daytona SX on the Jumbotron. Good times were had by all. Most of us lost 20 bucks in the betting pool. Then we had a post-race victory celebration at Farber's dad's bar.

Good. We're on the right channel.
Rebecca (who took most of our money), John, Davey, Shannon, Vance (asleep under the blanky), "Billy", Bowyer, and Fleming.

Erin Bates still looks good, even while blurry.
Apparently this is the 450 start. Young Vance and I had lunchbox races before nighty-night time. I got 3rd in the Lights class.
Fubar, Fubro, and bartender joined in the post-race celebration.

That's it from Morgantona. Next: MorganVegas. Later.

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