Thursday, March 8, 2007

Morgantona Karaoka

Karaoke and motorcycles go hand-in-hand. At least in WV. This time of year we tend to lean more toward K than we do the switchbacks of the Appalachians. Daytona definitely doesn't have karaoke like this. Here are some snapshots from Gibbie's Pub in downtown Morgantona. Home of the 2006 High Point party (Write this down, this year's party will be on Friday, May 25. Stay tuned for more details. All are welcome.) The crowd was extra giddy last night since the WVU basketball team putteth the smacketh downeth on Providence. While the Daytonians are resting their clutch-hands, we're going big with extreme karaoke and extremer crane freestyle. Enjoy.

Before karaoke, we stopped off at Chic 'N Bones for Red Bull's presentation of the latest Nitro Circus flick.

Yes, "Skaggs" wears his skunk-hat EVERYWHERE.Bowyer points out the elephant in the room.Good news folks, the little 80-ton crane that could was back on all eights by mid-afternoon.

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