Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Morgantona: The Beginning

Salutations from Morgantown, West by God Virginia, base camp for Racer X and Road Racer X. This may be an odd addition to the Daytona (Florida - for those of you shivering in the North) blog, but hear me out. Since 3/4 of our office is in Daytona, and we have basically no adult supervision, we decided to add our own additions to the blog. We are going to prove that we can have just as much fun without the sun, sand, surf, babes, beach, bikes, bikinis, and babes. Okay, so we missed a couple of days to post, but hey, we only thought of this today at lunch at Bob Evans.

You too can play along and unless you live in Daytontona, Ohio which just sounds silly.

Again, this is not to make light of the real reporting taking place by Jonnum, Laurel, Weege, Matt, JB, Scott W, the Racer Productions staff, and anyone else with the Blog password. Enjoy.

Here is our web guru, Jason Fleming, taking advantage of our 25-degree weather, our Wi-Fi, and our picturesque view on I-68.

Here's a screen grab of the forecast shootout for the week. See, nearly identical!

That's a short post for now. We have to get ready for league night at Suburban Lanes. Later.

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Used tampon said...

Yeah, but in Morgantown can you eat so many oranges that you crap acid for rest of Bike Week? I think not, cow-killers.