Thursday, February 15, 2007

Basketball Jones

Apparently, there's an annual hoops fest that takes place in Indianapolis every year, with Larry Hughes of Parts Unlimited acting as commissioner/2-Guard. I have decided to pull my old Chucks out of the closet (not the one that NBA player was apparently in) and hit the hardwood in the city that Pacers' great Ron "Arrest" Artest made famous by cutting a rap album that sold 6,000 copies during his 70-game suspension for charging the stands at The Palace in Auburn Hills... Or did they shoot Hoosiers here?
Either way, after that I'm off to the Canterburry Hotel Bar to see how many tables Ronnie Lechien can fill when he starts telling his unbelievably cool stories from the 1980s. In the days of Day-Glo, boot gatorz, ERG Gookinaid and Scott Venturi face masks, "The Dogger" was King.

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