Sunday, February 18, 2007

Free Ad

Every year at this show, we here at Racer X try and create a fun game that all of our advertisers can play each day to try and win a free full-page ad in a magazine of their choice (Racer X or Road Racer X.)

A couple years ago it was the battery-operated start bars which calculates your reaction time. Whoever had the fastest reaction time each day won a free ad.

Last year it was a dart board. Whomever tallied the most points throwing darts each day won the ad.

This year we went with the classic word search. We made three different word searches (a different one for each day) and whoever finds the most words in 60 seconds wins a free ad.

Each search has a total of 20 hidden words, and yesterday's topic was motorcycle hard parts. Sam and Chris Smith from Lang Originals were the big winners, as they found eight words to win the free ad on Saturday. Good work, guys.

Today's word search topic is champions, so if any advertisers are reading this, look for words like Carmichael, Stewart, Rossi, Evert, Cairoli, Henry and Schwantz.

Now I'm curious of what everyone thinks of these contests? Do you think they're cool and fun? And do you have any suggestions?

Hooper and I were thinking of how we could incorporate Texas Hold 'em into a contest ,but we couldn't figure it out.

Okay, I gotta get back to running the stopwatch.

1 comment:

fleming said...

Have Farber give a 60 second speech and see who can figure out exactly what he said, or the most words. Winner gets a RRX or RXI ad and a bonus Racing Paper ad.