Thursday, February 15, 2007

Destination Found

Well, you could stop holding your breath now, because we made it. Surprisingly, a six-hour trip only turned into a seven-hour trip, and we only stopped at Steak 'N Shake once, and it wasn't till Indiana! (We usually hit the one up in St. Clairesville, Ohio.) Jason Berry (our ad guy) and Dave Brozik (our designer guy) guided the Ford Econoline van safely westward. The trip was pretty uneventful, actually. Well, except for the Steak 'N Shake debacle. There were only three tables inside--a total of 10 people-- and it took over 35 minutes to get our food! I'm sure we'll be eating there the next few days in downtown Indy, and we'll be "over it." Anyways, we just checked into our hotel and we met up with our favorite photographer, John Hanson, who is the biggest Chicago Bears fan in this hotel. It's probably killing him right now to be in Indy. Anyways, check out a few pics from the trip. It's time for us to relax and prepare for set-up day tomorrow.

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