Monday, February 19, 2007

Lost in translation. by Dave Brozik

I ventured out again into some of the side rooms which featured some international products. I can’t tell you how many different Asian companies make scooters and four-wheelers.

Check out the Subaru powerplant on this HSUN atv.

Zhejiang Xinyang is a newer ATV company that’s gaining steam in the US.

Dunlop had whoops AND Jeremy at their display. Although the riding style is all Weigandt.

This booth featured the redesigned AbLounger for ‘07.

Rick Smits’ ATV.

Here’s Patrick, Jeremy and the guys from Twin Air.

We had to drive six hours due-west to find our hometown Outlaw Bill Dailey and daughter Alicia.

I know I’m supposed to focus on dirt bike stuff, but these choppers are too cool to pass up.

We also found a new Racer X model. Tia predicts the “overwears” are going to be huge at the Outdoors this year.

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