Saturday, February 17, 2007

Starting at Guard.... Ben... SPIES!

Turns out road racers are super competitive too. Last night, at the Parts Unlimited basketball game, I ended up guarding Ben Spies. He's the AMA Superbike Champion, an all-around nice guy and, most impressive of all, the boyfriend of Racer X model Leticia Cline. He's left-handed, can shoot the lights out, and in much, much better shape than I am. Like playing ball with Ryno or Jeremy, once the game starts, he turns into an animal.
The funny thing is, as we were cabbing it back, talking about moto and what-not, he told me two things that shocked me: 1.) He hopes to one day do a pro motocross national on an RMZ250, possibly an open track like Budds Creek or Steel City; 2.) He does not have an energy drink deal. Apparently, the big bucks that MXers see from the Monsters and Red Bulls of the world, have not found their way into road racing like they have in supercross. Sure, Nicky Hayden's a Red Bull man, as are the Bostroms, and John Hopkins just switched to Monster, but Spies has never been contacted about wearing a big claw on his helmet, or just running one of those silver and blue lids.
Bet that doesn't last long!


Bryan Stealey said...

But did you shoot the lights out, DC?

Anonymous said...

This is Brandon Mueller from Moose Racing. I played on DC team for most of the night and I must say DC shot the lights out as well. He was running circles around almost everyone on the court. Thanks again to Dunlop for providing the bball jerseys and Larry Hughes, from Parts Unlimited, for setting up this gathering.