Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dome Sweet Dome (By Dave Brozik)

Greetings from the Racer Productions booth #5355. about the 20-yard line on Peyton Manning’s home turf. We’ve got a cushy spot across from Innova Rubber Co. and MX-Tech. Carrie Jo and Farber are holding down the fort, so I made a lap around the dome floor and checked out some cool new stuff. Forgive my picture quality. My pocketcam got a beer bath during last year’s Steelers Superbowl and neither of us have been the same since. But, I’m sure Indy fans can relate.

This beast is the display-piece for CTEK batteries. The little movie that plays on the TV inside the rear fender shows a guy actually riding this thing in a parking lot. It has a Jaguar V-12 engine, a sound system, and claims that one guy really hung on going more than 60 MPH! I’m working with the guy to see if we can take it for a ride to Steak & Shake later.

Attrax makes this cool bolt-on kit for the guys who just can’t keep their bikes in the garage for the winter. It comes with a ski on the front and a wild-looking track setup for propulsion.

Even Jack showed up. This is my other booth I’m going to work at this weekend. Apparently the poker tourney is later. Hooper already lost money just walking about the “Shack.” Here’s a quick plug and good luck to my co-worker’s brother. We work with Andy, but younger brother Clint will be piloting the Old No. 7 wagon tomorrow for the NASCAR Daytona 500. It’s still an ongoing debate on who’s the more famous brother. My vote’s on bro #3, Casey, the “quiet one”.

This Legacy bike looks like a real smooth ride. But what really caught my ear, of all things, was Bon Jovi blaring out of the tank as I went by. Nothing like pulling up to the red light and hearing “Always” pumping out from behind the forks.

Demon heads always make a good addition to any sport ute.

The dome also has it’s own food line. Looks good, the pancakes smelled great, but I had breakfast at the Omni Hotel with Jonnum/Wallenberg/Berry power-trio. One of those three will be hitting the ice tonight for the 12th annual Racer X hockey tournament sponsored by Corona. Mmmm Coronas on ice. Like Ice Capades but better.

The Utopia girls were willing to pose several times while I figured out the camera/operator error. Oh, that’s right the little push-button thing on top. I always forget.

Who wouldn’t love to get behind a machine like this? I already have dismal visions of my shredded neighborhood after an afternoon free for all. I don’t know if this qualifies as a 4x4, or a Tankx4, but I want one.

Of course I had to stop by the Girlyz booth and say hello to our friends Dawn, who works at Girlyz, and Sarah Whitmore, who rides for Girlyz. They have a nice spread for lounging, lining up million dollar deals, and spreading Girl Power.

Lastly, on the other side of the booth, we have a TV celebrity signing autographs for the Innovations booth. Her name is Jenny Lee. She was on the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek. I told her I voted for her. She didn’t seem all that impressed. But she’ll be checking me out later when I wheel up to Steak & Shake later in my 20-foot CTEK Monstercycle. Bling-Bling!

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