Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brand New Stuff....

John Hanson ( took a stroll with Scott Wallenberg to check out some new products. This is how it all started.

Scott Wallenberg started singing "I gave my love a cherry..." It's all downhill from here...

Marzocchi's Johner Faulkner shows us the new shiver fork for the CRF150R.

Geoff Maloney (Pod MX) and Fox Racing's Bruce Parry.

Shift's Brett Nicholas shows off their Streetfighter jacket.

The new Takt 981 EVS helmet.

Franco Acerbis shows us the vented Unico handguard. It retails for $37.95.

Reidar from Scott USA shows us the new Genius boot. It's pretty cool!

EBC's Andy Freeman with their new offering.

Spy Optic's Bob Ketchum with some new goggles.

O'Neal's Chuck Kober displays their new Monster helmet which will be available on March 15, 2007.
Bell's Don Palermini shows off the new Bell Moto 8.

Alpinestars' Emily Orr shows off the new Tech-7.

This is the Racer X t-shirt that we're giving away to lucky advertisers.


Brian D. in Maryland said...

Hey, cool blog and great pics! QUESTION: What's up with that Bob Hannah replica Moto-8 (?)?? Is that going to be for sale or is it some one-off? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Anonymous said...

Don from Bell here...the retro Moto-8 was a custom painted one-off that we awarded to a dealer for placing an order at the show. It did garner quite a bit of attention. If we made, say, a limited edition helmet with that graphic, would you buy it?