Monday, February 19, 2007

Racer X hockey game: Night 2

Although we couldn't make it over to the ice rink, Team Canada whipped up on Team USA last night, and even made it in to the double digits. I think I heard it was 11-4. Nonetheless, it seemed like everyone involved had a great time. I never knew this, but Scott Wallenberg actually plays hockey once a week back in Boise, Idaho.

I say next year we have a Racer X bowling tournament, or something like that. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

11-5!! We scored one more! I may have let the Canadians by but I at least know the score! USA USA USA

Amy M

Anonymous said...

Team USA vs Team Canada in hockey? What did you expect? Maybe bowling would be a better choice for you.

Anonymous said...

the scores were both very close for the first part of the games...perhaps its not the type of game thats in question, but the physical fitness of the yanks... Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

This may be the last year for the RacerX hockey game. The rink owner is trying to sell the property for a higher use as part of the building of the new Colts Stadium and expansion of the convention center. The next closest rink is Pepsi Colleseum on 38th street on the fairgrounds.

Team USA should have drafted me for help with the Canucks.

John S

Bunyan, Paul Bunyan said...

Great game , we won dispite the Yanks antics! Great fun guys!